The Governor is one of the most important safety devices in ElevatorsThis equipment checks mechanical car  speed  continually andcauses to engage the car safety gears when the car speed increases abnormally. this product is designed and manufactured by BehranLift group according to iran nation Standards and European Standards.Each product is calibrated ,tested and passed quality control bymodern  computerized  devices according to standards mentiond above.Test result is attached to each set.

The Governor consists of two main parts as following:

1) Over speed Governor

2) Tensioning pulley


Over speed governor

- The devices location is in Lift machine room.

- The surface should be smooth and clean.

- Determine right side according to direction sign shown on the device.

- Adjust Governor position and bolt to machine room floor by M12.

- To connect Governor to car safety gear and tensioning pulley,use standard wire rope 6mm diameter.

- To inspect the right direction Governor move car toward down manually.

- Remove electric switch cover an plug the electric wires.



- The device location is in the pit of Lift.

- Put connected wire rope to Governor onto the sheave of pulley then connect it to car safety gears.

- Let the pulley dongle freely.

- The weight bottom of tensioning pulley should not be closer than 200mm to pit floor.

- tighten the nodes to the screws on the handle No.1 and 2 to move freely.

- Adjust the handle No.2 on the car guide rail as the distance of the electric switch to the actuator on the handle No.1 be about 2mm.

- Fix the handle No.2 on the guide rail by suitable clips.

- Remove electric switch cover and plug the electric wires.