elevator package

Behran Elevators Package

In accordance with modern standards

Freight Elevators
hydrolic elevator

Freight Elevators

Usable in factories, workshops and warehouses, residential buildings to move cars

High power and low speed are important features of this vertical transport system

MRL Elevator
machine room less elevator

MRL Elevator

In these elevators, there is no need for a separate room for the motor, and the elevator motor is installed on the iron structure or part of the rail, which is suitable for buildings with little space. These elevators can also be used in residential buildings, public crosswalks such as subway stations, chain stores, public administrations, commercial complexes, etc.

Behran Industrial Group is the first supplier and designer of package elevators and also the first exporter of package elevators in Iran

Behran Industrial Group, as the provider of package elevators in Iran, present  this product in three categories: professional, classic, and economical. These elevators are one of the leading choices of companies operating in the field of elevators due to their advantages such as quality of equipment, optimal energy consumption due to the use of gearless systems and energy storage technologies, and the use of VVVF and being eco-friendliness. In addition to meeting domestic needs, Behran Industrial Group is currently pursuing coherent plans to export its package elevators to other countries worldwide.

Behran package elevators, designed by very powerful and advanced software, need the least possible space for installation and operation and can be easily installed in villas and new and old residential houses. Fast service capability due to the location of the elevator on the floors, opening the doors before a full stop to increase the speed of service, the existence of an emergency rescue system, the option of communicating with the building management system, and the ability to define an ID card are some of the features of package elevators. Cutting of the elevator car sheets in this elevator is done by advanced laser machines. The choice of elevator car styles in these elevators can be made in two predefined modes (all steel, MDF, and steel, glass) and is determined when ordering. The keys used in the elevator car and the floors are in touch mode and fully compatible with keys and keyboards on the market in terms of wiring.

Technical Specifications

Specifications of Behran Elevator Packages