Board of Directors

Message from the Chairman of the Board

The constant challenges and challenges for success We are all challenged in a world of production and trade, and we certainly experience many raisins and failures on the path to success. In this way, the most important goal of successful individuals and groups is not necessarily winning and losing, but to move forward, reach new standards and create a stable and focused process to build a better future. This practice brings each failed experiment one step closer to success.

According to this view, today Behran has changed from a small machining workshop to the largest elevator and escalator factories in the Middle East. This has not been possible without commitment, commitment, learning from failures and continuous efforts of managers, engineers, employees and workers of Behran Complex.

Behran Management is always trying to develop the expertise of its employees based on the basic skills and potential abilities. At the same time, the professional and ethical work culture of Behran Group makes employees prosper.

We are committed to creating new and progressive approaches in the field of quality of our products, operations and services, to contribute to the development of the country and to achieve customer satisfaction.

Chairman of the Board and Member of the Board Mahmoud Shakeri
Managing Director and Vice Chairman of the Board Ahamad Shakeri
Member of the Board Abbass Shakeri
Member of the Board Hossein Shakeri
Member of the Board Jafar Shakeri
Member of the Board Jalal Shakeri
Member of the Board Mehdi Shakeri