The zealous Iranian engineers have successfully designed the escalator’s combplate testing machine in Behran Industrial Group’s in-house laboratories.

Escalators are generally equipped with various safety systems in different parts, consisting of sensors and microswitches, that, in case of an abnormality, will stop the operation and prevent further risks and accidents. One of these systems is the safety mechanism of the escalator comb plate, which is also very essential.

The task of this system is to stop the escalator in case of entrapment of a foreign object, or escalator steps colliding the plate installed in front of the comb, and excessive force applying to the elevator.

In 2020, Behran Elevator and Escalator Industrial Group succeeded in designing and installing the first national comb plate with a two-way safety mechanism on its heavy-duty escalators. This system can perceive the movement of the comb plate in both horizontal and vertical directions (the circular motion around the end of the comb plate) and stop the escalator if too much force is applied in any direction.

Accurate computer models were first prepared, and static and dynamic analyzes were performed subsequently to ensure the correct operation of the mechanism.

After performing computer analysis and finalizing the plan, the practical testing machine was designed and manufactured exclusively by Behran Company for the first time in the country. This device, built on a scale of 1:1 relative to the escalator structure and the installation point of the comb plate, simulates the function of the comb plate. In this simulation, a compressive force is applied to the comb plate using two pneumatic jacks in two horizontal and vertical directions, and the exact operating pressures that are applied to the front of the jacks are recorded. Finally, one mechanism is displayed on the digital screen as the output by two compressive force meters.

Behran Elevator and Escalator Industrial Group