Behran’s presence in 6th Int’l Exhibition of Elevator & Escalator Industry in Shiraz, Fars Province

As the largest Iranian manufacturer of elevator and escalator parts and packages, Behran Elevator and Escalator Industrial Group has participated in the 6th International Elevator and Escalator Industry Exhibition in Shiraz, Fars Province.
In this exhibition, Behran once again displayed the greatness of its national products in the field of elevator.
In the escalator section, Behran launched a set of expo-designed escalator with technical specifications; including, lifting angle 35 degrees, with 2000 mm (2 meters) height, with 1000 mm as nominal step width, with 1520 mm as the overall width of the escalator, and many more.
This exhibition, which was held from December 28-31, 2021 at the permanent location of international exhibitions in Fars province in Shiraz, hosted local and national officials as well as many companies active in the elevator and escalator section with visitors from Iran and foreign countries.
Behran Elevator and Escalator Industrial Group