Behran succeeds in designin, producing of Escalator Comb Plate Impact Fixture Test Kit

After completing advanced and sophisticated computer-based analysis, Behran succeeded in designing and manufacturing comb plate test device, known as “Escalator Comb Plate Impact Fixture Test Kit.”
The device is used to test the safety mechanism of the escalator comb plate.
Escalator comb plate safety mechanism is responsible for stopping the escalator in case of any problems.
This success occurred a year after Behran succeeded in designing and installing the first escalator comb plate in 2021.
To ensure the correct operation of the test device mechanism, Behran first prepared accurate computer models and then performed static and dynamic analyzes on it.
The device, in fact, simulates the operation of the comb plate of escalator.
The system is able to detect the direction of comb plate’s movement in both horizontal and vertical directions.
Behran Elevator and Escalator Industrial Group

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