Safety tips for using elevators and escalators

Safety tips for using elevators and escalators

Attention to the following points helps in considering the safety measures while using elevators and escalators. These points will help you in an emergency to make the best decision to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Safety instructions for elevator

Pay attention to the following points in the elevator:

When you enter the elevator car, make sure that the floor of the elevator or the car is at the same level as the floor you are standing on.

After entering the elevator cabin, move away from the doors, as your clothes or some of your belongings may be damaged.

Hug your children and pets when you enter or exit the elevator.

If it is necessary to leave the cabin door open, press the door open button or let someone do it for you, and never attempt to use your hand to open a door that is going to be closed automatically.

How do we act in emergencies?

Elevators out of service

1- Contact the people inside the cabin. Make sure that if there is a STOP switch inside the cab, no one has accidentally activated this switch. On top of that, reassure the people inside the car that help is on its way.

2- Contact your elevator service company and explain to them the problem that you are facing.

3- Continue to communicate with people who are stuck inside the elevator car. Reassure them that there is no danger and remind them of the need to stay in the cabin until they get help and inform them of the estimated time for the arrival of the maintenance or the repair specialist.

4- Do not try to open the elevator doors or the doors above the cabin and wait for help.


Elevators should never be used during a fire except by firefighters or other specialists.

Building stairs should be used as the exit path for people who may be in the building during a fire.


Points to note when you are inside the cabin:

1- If the elevator stops between floors, keep calm because there is enough air in the cabin until help reaches you.

2- Use the alarm, help, phone, or intercom button to call and announce that you need help.

3- Do not try to get out on your own from the elevator that stopped in an unusual place to stop. While you must wait for qualified people to help you.

4- Don’t worry about power failure because all elevators have emergency power systems.

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Safety guidelines for using escalators

1- Before going up, check the direction of the escalator.

2- Before going up, carefully check the direction of the stairs.

3- If you have a child, hold the child’s arm or hold the child’s hand.

4- Use one hand to hold the handrail, and you can use your other hand to carry small packages.

5- Never move against the movement of the elevator.

6- Do not attempt to move wheelchairs, bicycles, prams, or any other type of cart or similar object on an escalator.

7- When riding an escalator, keep your loose clothing away from escalators and the sides of the escalators.

8- If you use shoes made of soft plastic or materials, do not ride the escalator, you must only use shoes made of stiff materials when you ride an escalator.

9- When using an escalator, stand facing forward and hold the handrail tightly.

10- Do not use escalator handrails for sliding or climbing.

11- Do not allow children to sit on the stairs or stand near the edge of the stairs.

12- When exiting or leaving the escalator, get off immediately without hesitation.

13- When exiting or leaving the escalator, make sure that you are far from the surface where the escalator ends and take care that your feet do not slip

14- When getting off the escalator, immediately move away from the exit area of ​​the escalator and do not stop to talk or look around. Because other passengers might be behind you this will result in a collision between you and them.

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