Signing a contract includes the process of design, production, installation, and commissioning of 6 commercial escalators for the Pazrik Commercial Complex in Tehran.

Bazrik Commercial Complex is located in Tehran. Precisely at Mostafa Khomeini Street. This complex includes four commercial floors and two floors dedicated to parking cars. The total area of ​​this complex is about 1155 square meters.

 The management of the Pazrik commercial complex visited the Behran factory. Where they inspected the production lines of the escalators of Behran Industrial Group, and they noticed the modern devices in the production lines of the escalators of Behran. Also, parts of the escalators were tested in the escalator test tower. This tower is considered the highest test tower for escalators in the Middle East, as the administrative body of the Pazrik complex considered it one of the important points in the production of escalators in Behran Group.

The management body of Pazrik Complex participated in the official meeting that was held on June 9, 2022, at the head office of Behran Company. it was held in the presence of Mr. Abbas Shakeri, Vice President of the company and members of the Board of Directors of Behran Company, and experts specialized in the technology used in the production of Bahran Group. Negotiations led to the signing of a contract that includes the design, production, installation, and operation of 6 commercial-type escalators. These escalators have a height of 480/520/580 centimeters, a width of 80 centimeters, and a speed of 0.5 meters per second.

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