Achievements and commitments

Technical support

Depending on requirements shared by users, the design of elevators and escalators have unique and different features in term of technology and visual beauty.

Taking into account the environmental parameters and the principle of usability, our technical team provides the customers with specialized and technical advices on the best and most economical elevator and escalator options.

Behran technical staff has international certifications in the field of design, installation and repair while they have also taken highly professional courses and at the same time, they are trying to keep their knowledge up to date. They are committed to making the best decision for the projects and leaving no questions unanswered.

The team has proved its scientific and technical skills by designing and implementing major elevator and escalator projects including Tehran Urban & Suburban Railway Operation Co., Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA), etc. 


Quality VS. Price

By creating close supervision over the production sector, using up-to-date equipment, using quality raw materials as well as the local production of elevator and escalator parts in Behran Asanbar manufacturing plants, the company produces economical quality products that are able to compete with its prominent European counterparts.


The products by Behran Asanbar have passed numerous tests in the largest laboratories in Europe and have succeeded in obtaining EN81 certification for elevator, EN115 certification for escalator, and European CE certification, as well. Accordingly, the technical aspect of these goods has been approved by these laboratories and that the safety of their use is guaranteed.
Behran itself has a specialized in-house technical laboratory. This laboratory is ISO17025 certified. Behran products are controlled and approved in this laboratory to minimize possible errors.

ایمنی گروه صنعتی آسانسور و پله برقی بهران آسانبر

After Sales Services

It is fully true that the sales is the commencement of a commitment and the after sales service support is an undeniable duty; but with all this in place, providing effective support services requires the necessary facilities and equipment.
To cover this concept, in addition to guaranteeing all parts and packages of elevator and escalator, Behran, as a full-service support center, has expanded its after sales service support to 10 years to provide customers with a double guarantee over the proper performance of its products (Please also note that Behran elevator motor drives have a specific hologram-supported warranty card with a 3-year free support and 10 years of after sales service, as well. Other products by the company carry a 2-year warranty and 10 years of after sales service support).
In order to strengthen the sense of satisfaction and security in customers, in addition to expanding strict supervision over various parts of production, the company also uses direct supervision by the senior management over the performance conducted by the after sales service support department.
Additionally, the company periodically holds special training sessions for teams that interact with customers so that these teams can investigate customer problems online.

موجودی انبار

Permanent Inventory and Durable Services

With two warehouses with a total area of 10,000 square meters in Parand Industrial Estate and the city of Tehran and with its high production volume as well as 24-hour production capacity, Behran has always been able to instantly provide all the goods needed by customers and major national projects, as well. The constant availability of goods makes it possible for individual customers and those with a national-project orientation to quickly purchase and use the parts and accessories they need in case of any problems.

International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is tasked with the distribution of world-class standards all in accordance with the conditions of different countries and/or geographical areas worldwide. The ultimate goal of this organization is to facilitate the production and development of services and products, as well. Companies applying for these certifications should first make their production processes and services standard to meet regulations introduced by the ISO.
ISO 10004: Customer Satisfaction
ISO 10002: Running Investigations over Complaints by Customers
ISO 9001: Quality Management

کسب عنوان واحد نمونه گروه صعتی آسانسور و پله‌برقی بهران استاندارد استانی در سال 1399

Best Provincial Standard Manufacturing Unit (2020)

Production of quality products in accordance with modern standards and ensuring consumer safety are among the key business goals in Behran.
By covering these goals and making continuous efforts to improve them, Behran has established more stringent controls over the laboratory control process of parts and direct management oversight of production lines, laboratories and after sales service support.
The combination of such a group of activities caused Behran to be awarded as the Best Provincial Standard Manufacturing Unit by the National Standards Organization of Iran in 2020.

Best National Standard Manufacturing Unit (2021)

Due to efforts devoted by staff in various units of design, production, technical and engineering, laboratory, R&D, sales, and after sales service, Behran, exactly one year after winning the title of Best Provincial Standard Manufacturing Unit, this time in 2021 the company was proudly selected by the National Standard Organization of Iran as the Best National Standard Manufacturing Unit.

کسب عنوان واحد نمونه استاندارد کشوری در سال 1400
واردات آسانسور و پله‌برقی بهران

The largest Iranian importer of elevator parts and components

While being a manufacturer, Behran plays a leading role in importing escalator parts and elevator components to meet the needs in Iran’s Market.
To meet the agenda, Behran, for the past three decades, has developed its ties and connections with a number of influential leaders of the world of elevator and escalator including ZIEHL-ABEGG SE (Germany), Alberto Sassi Spa (Italy), Alberto Sassi Espana SL (Spain), Henning GmbH & Co. KG Schwelm (Germany), P.F.B. Srl (Italy), GEM-General Elevator Machines S.r.l. (Italy), Wittur (Turkey), Nergiz Kablo (Turkey), Dätwyler (China), Gustav Wolf GmbH (Germany), Xizi Elevator Group Co., Ltd. (China,) Metroplast Asansör (Turkey), and still many more.


Standard Certificate for Behran Polyurethane Buffer

On March 11, 2018, the National Standard Organization of Iran issued a standard certificate solely for Behran Polyurethane Buffer (P + Q: 400-1500 kg)(Nominal Speed: 1 m/s).

Standard Certificate for Behran Overspeed Governors

The National Standard Organization of Iran issued on January 10, 2012 the standard certificate totally for two different types of Behran Overspeed Governors including overspeed governors with the nominal speed of 1 m/s (tripping speed of 1.15 to 1.5 m/s) and 1.6 m/s (tripping issued 1.84 to 2.16 m/s), as well.

Standard Certificate for Behran Door Lock Device

The National Standard Organization of Iran issued on March 15, 2015 the standard certificate totally for the elevator door lock device with feature including sliding lock possibility. This lock device is proper for the swing door product of different types.

Standard Certificate for Safety Gear

The safety gears used in Behran’s elevator car system enjoy the standard certificate of Iran National Standard Organization. This certificate has been issued for safety gears with following features:1.5 m/s, P+Q= 700-1200 kg / Overspeed Governor Tripping Speed 2.16 m/s 

  • 1.5 m/s, P+Q= 1200-1600 kg / Overspeed Governor Tripping Speed 2.16 m/s 
  • 1.5 m/s, P+Q= 1600-2000 kg / Overspeed Governor Tripping Speed 2.16 m/s 
  • 1.5 m/s, P+Q= 2000-2300 kg / Overspeed Governor Tripping Speed 2.16 m/s 
  • 1.5 m/s, P+Q= 2300-2600 kg / Overspeed Governor Tripping Speed 2.16 m/s
  • 1.5 m/s, P+Q= 2600-3000 kg / Overspeed Governor Tripping Speed 2.16 m/s