Introducing Behran Asanbar


Behran Company started its activity in 1989 from a small 40-meter workshop where turning and repairing elevator parts were done, and after 4 years, in 1993, it started a larger workshop with an area of 100 square meters in Hashemi St., Tehran.

The founders of this complex, with the expansion of activity and also the increase of knowledge and experience in this field, upgraded their activity in 1997 in a workshop with an area of 250 square meters in Shad Abad St. in Tehran, and finally, after 4 years, they purchased a 1200 square meter workshop located on the old road of Karaj and implement their idea of producing gearbox motor, gearless motor, and elevator parts.

Behran quickly set foot on the path of prosperity and progress; The increase in the production lines of elevator parts, and the need of the complex to expand the space, caused the managers of the complex to build a factory with an area of 11,000 square meters in Parand Industrial Town and transfer their products to this factory.

Now, after more than thirty years of unremitting efforts of the factories of Behran Industrial Group (Private Joint Stock Company) on a land with an area of 110,000 square meters and more than 1,200 active manpower, under the supervision and management of Mr. Mahmoud Shakeri, Mr. Ahmad Shakeri Chairman of the Board, Mr. Hossein Shakeri, Manager of Behran Factory, along with the brothers, who by themselves are experts and influencers in this field, continue to be a leader in the field of elevator and escalator industry in Iran on par with the top European companies in the field of production of elevator parts and packages.

New Guide Rail Production Line

(Factory under construction)

Opening of first 14m escalator test tower in Middle East

(Behran Asanbar)

Gearless Motor Production Line Opening

(Behran Asanbar)

Opening of first 3m/s elevator test tower in Middle East

(Behran Asanbar)

 Escalator  Production Line Opening 

(Behran Asanbar)

Gearbox Motor Production Line Opening

(Behran Asanbar)

Behran Asanbar Co. Established

(Behran Asanbar)

Why choose Behran Asanbar

Behran Industrial Group, with more than three decades of activity in the field of elevators and escalators, has the longest history of activity in the field of elevators and escalators in the country and is one of the first manufacturers of elevator and escalator parts in Iran.

Many cases such as

The use of high quality raw materials in the production of parts for elevator and escalator such as elevator gearbox and gearless motor drives, overspeed governors and deflection pulleys and …

Enjoying the golden guarantee of Behran and receiving no breakdown report from consumers’ side

Adherence to the commitments made to the customer

Accountability of experts in sales and after-sales service departments in the shortest possible time

Availability of Behran branches and agencies in most cities and regions of Tehran

The largest national manufacturer of elevator and escalator parts

Due to Behran being a producer, all the required parts are available

Being national production, enjoying very high quality and reasonable prices and ability to compete with European counterparts.

Being official representative of prominent European brands in Iran and providing all after-sales services in the fastest time

Meeting the needs of more than 14 thousand customers

Providing special services and conditions to old customers

Committed to following the criticisms of all esteemed customers and providing convincing answers to them

… have made Behran the first and main choice of many major national projects such as Imam Khomeini International Airport, Islamic Consultative Assembly building, Tehran Subway System, Tabriz Subway System and many large commercial centers. “We hope that by relying on God Almighty and the unremitting efforts of the efficient forces, we will be able to maintain the sense of satisfaction and confidence of our dear customers, which is the most valuable asset of the Behran community.”


Along with import permissions, the company has succeeded in being the official representative of world-renowned companies such as Ziehl Abegg (Germany), Sassi (Italy), Sassi (Spain), Henning (Germany), PFB (Italy), GEM (Italy), Selcom (Turkey), Nargiz (Turkey), Datwyler (China), Gustav Wolf (Germany), Xizi (China,) Metroplast (Turkey), etc. This will allow you to use the world’s leading brands in your elevator and escalator system with full confidence about the authenticity of the goods and also receiving timely after-sales services.

You can find the certificates for Behran Industrial Group’s representative permissions from world-renowned companies in this section to make your purchase with more confidence.

Behran Company at the global level

By participating in international markets, Behran Industrial Group has always been trying to provide its best products and services in the field of elevator and escalator parts and components, as well as elevator and escalator packages, in addition to meeting the needs of the elevator and escalator market. Domestically, it has implemented large international projects to raise the name and quality of Iranian goods that can compete with the largest European brands of the day in the world.

The company has 5 international offices in Oman, Dubai, Germany, Turkey and 4 official representative offices in Iraq, Syria, Kazakhstan and Armenia.

Implementation of more than 100 large elevator projects in Oman and also sending the main parts of elevators to countries such as Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan are among the honors of this Iranian industrial group.