Factory introduction

Behran Industrial Group factory, has an area of ​​120,000 square meters and has more than 1600 technical and specialized personnel located in Parand Industrial Town and has the largest production lines of elevator gearboxes, elevator doors, elevator governors, wastes, escalator and ramps production line Electric is the production line of elevator parts, all kinds of electronic parts, the production line of cabins.

Behran Asanbar production lines

In Behran Industrial Group, 14 types of elevator gearbox motor drives from 5.5 kw 19.2 kw in AC2 and VVVF models are being produced and presented to customers.

These gearboxes are used for all types of residential, hospital and freight elevators at low and high heights and capacities.

In order to increase the quality, all the parts of Behran gearbox motor drive are controlled simultaneously with eight-axis CNC machines and turning of warm wheel is done with an accuracy of 3 microns. Production of the components for Behran gearbox motor drive is completely based on the standards of European countries such as Italy and Germany, and for example, the hardness of Behran gearboxes same as the ones from Germany and Italy is about 50 Rockwell.

Behran gearbox motor drive’s deflection pulleys are anti-wear due to the special design and the type of casting that has been done, and if installed correctly and the pressure of the wire ropes is adjusted, it has the least corrosion and therefore increases the life of the wire ropes. All stages of painting and assembly of Behran gearbox motor drive are done completely automatically, which reduces errors and high production quality in all gearboxes.

Laboratory tests for Behran gearboxes are performed not randomly but 100% for all gearboxes

Behran escalators are produced according to EN 115 standard, which is the most valid standard in European countries.

These escalators are available in two angles of 30 and 35 degrees and in three types of mass transit, supreme transit, and mass plus transit, as well as for indoor, semi-outdoor spaces and are produced in various speeds of 0.5, 0.65, and 0.75 meters per second.

Behran escalators are designed from Schilder’s 9300 escalators and the technical engineering design of its parts and components has been done by Behran technical team.

These escalators are available in three widths of 600, 800 and 1000 mm.

Since the escalator structure is a metal structure, depending on the height of the escalator, it can be designed and built in one piece or in two or three pieces.

Behran escalator structures are designed all according to the analysis by Behran specialists with with applying advanced software such as Katia and Abacus. In order to reduce the tension effect of the escalator to the building structure, special L-shaped brackets are used.

Escalator gearbox motor drive

Escalators generally receive their driving force from an electric motor connected to a gearbox that is connected to the upper assembly by chains.

Behran Elevator and Escalator Company has a large share of the elevator market by producing elevator doors in swing, semi-automatic, fully automatic and in different dimensions.

The production of these doors is based on the design of Iranian professional engineers and by examining the doors of Selcom Italy, and accordingly, in many cases among buyers, the doors produced by Behran Company are comparable with the products of prominent foreign brands.

Behran doors are produced completely with advanced punching, pressing and CNC machines, made by Amada Japan and with Astronic of Switzerland, and all laser cutting steps are done automatically. Also, to increase the strength, the automatic spot welding system is used in the production process.

The technical reports show that the highest number of failures in any elevator is related to elevator door defects. Therefore, in the production of automatic and semi-automatic doors, the company instead of gearboxes with charcoal electric motors that have a short life and can not be used in high traffic elevators, uses VVVF brushless control system (motor drive) that can cause high smoothness and less damage with the capability of being used in high-traffic areas.

The design of Behran overspeed governors is done by the Design and Engineering Department of Behran Industrial Group, and in other words, it is the reverse engineering of PFB governors of Italy.

Behran has a production line for Uni- and Bi-direction overspeed governors with speeds including of 1 m/s and 1.6 m/s. Soon, the company will present its MRL overspeed governors to the market.

Behran, by using the most up-to-date technologies in the production of overspeed governors, performing specialized tests as well as using first-class and high-quality raw materials, has always been trying to increase the sense of security and tranquility.

This industrial group tests all its overspeed governors through PLC and high encoder accuracy and issues a report sheet for each of these overspeed governors, which will be provided to the customers at the time of purchase.

Behran has a production line for various types of elevator deflection pulleys with various diameters and number of grooves, and due to the use of quality raw materials in the production of these pulleys and also passing various specialized tests, these pulleys have high performance accuracy and length. Their life time period is very long and due to the careful supervision during production and laboratory tests on these defection pulleys, the possibility of abrasion of wire ropes on these pulleys is minimized.

Variety in the production of Behran deflection pulleys allows customers to use Behran’s deflection pulleys in their elevator system for all types of elevators with Iranian and foreign motor drives.

Also, Behran has met the needs of its customers in this field by producing all kinds of customized deflection pulleys. The company has always been committed to its customers in order to create a sense of security and comfort when using Behran’s elevators.

“Behran Industrial Group has a production line for various types of elevator cars such as patterned and simple cars, panoramic cars, glass cars, Wittur design cabins and also has a production line for stretcher and car cabins. Behran elevator car production line is fully mechanized and equipped with advanced machines for punching, pressing, bending, CNC, welding, etc. All of these machines are made by Amada Japan and Astronic of Switzerland and are capable of performing all stages of cutting, bending, laser and so on.

Among the most important advantages of Behran production cabins are high strength, aesthetic appearance, variety of cabins, and their very reasonable price.

The color system of Behran cabins is fully automatic and contains electrostatic powder. Among the most important advantages of this type of painting is the very high strength of the paint and the uniformity of the painting which is highly elegance.

The production of cabins in Behran is done and presented according to the type of project and according to international standards, and due to the elegance in construction; these cabins have standard packaging and high strength for transportation inside and outside the country.

The commitment of Behran Group to its valuable customers causes this industrial group to use high quality raw materials to make the quality of its production cabins competitive with foreign products. Given that these cabins are nationally produced, “in exchange for very high quality, they have a reasonable price and the best option for our dear consumers to choose.”

Behran elevator anchorage

Behran elevator anchorages are produced in different designs and their design is exclusively for Behran company.

These elevator anchorages are produced without the use of cast iron and completely with the use of forged steel, which has a much higher strength than cast iron.

Behran Door Lock Device

Behran door locks devices are made of first-class aluminum and have a very high quality. These locks also have a standard certificate from the National Standards Organization of Iran.

According to the standard rules, elevator lock devices must be able to pass the number of multiplications of 1000 pieces in order to succeed in obtaining the standard certificate. This comes as the Behran door lock devices is capable of passing 2000 multiplications, which is twice the standard rates for the door lock devices.

Behran Asanbar Laboratory

Behran Asanbar Company, according to the belief of the senior managers of the collection about the importance of the quality of the products, has set up a modern and equipped laboratory. Behran Asanbar Company’s laboratory, using the latest equipment and experienced staff, has the ability to perform a variety of tests related to the elevator and escalator industry. Receiving the ISO17025 standard as a reference laboratory from the National Accreditation Center of Iran is one of the achievements of this unit.

Among the equipment used in the laboratory of Behran Asanbar Company, the following can be mentioned:

Tensile testing machine

Tensile testing machine

This equipment is used to perform tensile testing on the components and parts that are used in the construction of elevators and escalators including tensile test of wire ropes, hook shaft, escalator handrail, etc.

Overspeed Governor testing device

Overspeed Governor testing device

This equipment is used to control the overspeed governor’s performance all according to INSO7988 and BS EN 81-20 & 81-50 standards.

Reference block gauges

Reference block gauges

This equipment is used to calibrate measuring instruments used in production lines, including calipers, micrometers, measuring devices, etc.

Dynamometric test device

Dynamometric test device

This equipment is used to measure the parameters related to various types of elevator gearboxes, escalators and gearless motor drives, including measuring motor drive efficiency.

Escalator comb plate test machine

Escalator comb plate test machine

This equipment is used to control the two-way safety mechanism of Behran escalator comb plate.

3D measuring device

3D measuring device

This equipment is used to measure dimensions and geometric tolerances in machined parts, with very high accuracy and reverse engineering of parts, etc.

Quantumimetric device

Quantumimetric device

This equipment is used for accurate analysis of metals to measure the percentage of constituent elements by optical spectroscopy.

Hardness Tester

Hardness Tester

This equipment is used to measure the hardness of the parts used in the construction of elevators and escalators.

Worm Gear Measuring Device

Worm Gear Measuring Device

This equipment is used to measure important parameters in worm gear.

Worm Gear and Worm Wheel Looseness Testing Machine

Worm Gear and Worm Wheel Looseness Testing Machine

This equipment is used to control the quality of engagement and the amount of looseness between the worm gear and worm wheel.

Sand granulation test machine

Sand granulation test machine

This equipment is used to control quality of the “mesh” used in castng sand.

Door Lock test device

Door Lock test device

This equipment is used to perform tests o door lock device all according to INSO7985 and BS EN 81-20 & 81-50 standards.

Believing that “quality is the survival factor of an organization”,  Behran Elevator and Escalator Industrial Group, using quality raw materials and the most up-to-date laboratory equipment, has provided guarantee over all goods provided to its valuable customers. “Behran Company’s assets and credit are to make every effort to guarantee the life and financial security of our dear customers.”

Behran Asanbar Test Tower

For the first time in the Middle East, a test tower with a height of more than 50 meters has been created in the Behran complex of factories to test all its products, which has two elevators and an escalator.

One of the elevators has a capacity of 13 people and the possibility of testing up to 3 meters per second for gearless motors, and the second device with a capacity of 10 people and a maximum speed of 2 meters per second is designed for various types of gearbox motors. In both elevators, installation conditions with 1: 1 and also 2: 1 systems are possible.

In the gearless motor section, the production engines are tested and based on the cabin capacity, balance conditions and tests related to output power, parachute tests, governor tests, etc. are performed.

Also, for the first time in the Middle East, an escalator test tower with a height of 14 meters per second has been created next to the elevator test tower in Behran factory and a Heavy-Duty type escalator with Outdoor system has been installed.