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Behran Industrial Group, the Largest Manufacturer of Escalator Parts and Elevator Components in the Middle East

With more than three decades of dynamic technical and knowledge-based industrial presence, Behran is now turned to be the sole regional epicenter in areas of elevator and escalator in Iran and the Middle East.
To build up a strong sense of satisfaction and security among customers, Behran has put in place strict supervisions over various sections of production and this trend has been expanded to many other key influential sections of sales department, after sales service support, and still many more.
As the best provincial standard manufacturing unit in 2020 and the best national standard manufacturing unit in 2021, the company has tried to be the best of the best by fully equipping its technical in-house laboratory as well as test tower with necessary new knowledge-based mechanisms, preserving the guidelines introduced by the acquired standard certificate of 17025 and ones from the National Standard Organization of Iran, etc.

Complete Package Elevator

Complete Package Elevator

As an influential product, Behran offers its complete package elevator in three different sub-categories:
1. MR Complete Package Elevator
2. MRL Complete Package Elevator
3. Hydraulic Complete Package Elevator

Complete Package Escalator

Complete Package Escalator

Airports, subway stations, administrative and commercial centers, hospitals, residential buildings, and an endless list of venues are among the places that have the capabilities to use Behran complete package escalator as a product.

Escalator and Elevator Components

Escalator and Elevator Components

Gearbox and gearless motor drives, automatic and semi-automatic doors, swing doors, overspeed governors, anchorages, and so on.

The Safety Issue

Before an actual and guaranteed use by the customers, products in Behran have no way but to resolutely pass numerous safety tests in the largest and prominent technical laboratories in Europe to obtain the required international certifications including EN81 (elevator), EN115 (escalator) as well as European CE certification.
Taking a simultaneous test process to minimize possible errors, Behran controls all its products in its in-house ISO17025-certified technical laboratory.

ایمنی آسانسور و پله برقی بهران
تولید آسانسور و پله برقی بهران

Technoloy-based Production

With an efficient utilization of cutting-edge robotic and non-robotic machineries, Behran integrates the quality of its products with the latest technologies of the world. With this trend in place, the company creates a dramatic elevation in the quality of its products, making them competitive with all those prominent European counterparts in the regional and international markets.

A number of Behran's elevator and escalator projects in the national scope

مترو خط ۷ تهران
276 Escalators
Tehran Metro lines
مترو تبریز گروه صنعتی آسانسور و پله برقی بهران
83 Escalators
Tabriz Metro
آسانسورهای گروه صنعتی آسانسور و پله برقی بهران در راه آهن تهران مشهد
36 Escalators
Tehran-Mashad Railway
آسانسورهای گروه صنعتی آسانسور و پله برقی بهران در افق اکباتان
37 Elevators
Ofogh Ekbatan
آسانسور مجلس شورای اسلامی
10 Elevators
مترو تهران گروه صنعتی آسانسور و پله برقی بهران
127 Elevators
Tehran Metro lines

Old Completed Projects

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Sales Branches<br> and Agencies

Sales Branches
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Partners <br> and Customers

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Best Provincial Standard Manufacturing Unit (2020)

Meeting modern standards in the production process and guaranteeing as well as preserving the issue of safety are among the key business goals of the company.
To cover this objective, Behran establishes stringent controls over the laboratory-based processes while it further provides in-depth monitoring over the performance of its production lines, sales department, after sales service support, and other influential sections in the company.
With adopting and practicing such essential undertakings, Behran was awarded as the Best Provincial Standard Manufacturing Unit by Iran National Standards Organization (INSO) in 2020.

کسب عنوان واحد نمونه گروه صعتی آسانسور و پله‌برقی بهران استاندارد استانی در سال 1399
کسب عنوان واحد نمونه استاندارد کشوری در سال 1400

Best National Standard Manufacturing Unit (2021)

With the collective efforts of teams of design, production, technical and engineering, laboratory, R&D, sales, and after sales service, Behran was proudly nominated in 2021 as the Best National Standard Manufacturing Unit by Iran National Standards Organization (INSO).

Innovative production lines of escalator parts and elevator components

Applying strategies including utilizing of modern machineries and equipment, developing trust over the capabilities of its technical staff, providing in-depth monitoring on the production, sales, and after sales service departments, and adhering to rules and regulations established by international standards (EN81 and EN115) are among the key principles the company has focused on in its endeavors in manufacturing of escalator parts and elevator components.

خطوط تولید پیشرفته خطوط تولید پیشرفته گروه صنعتی آسانسور و پله برقی بهران
واردات آسانسور و پله‌برقی بهران

The leading Iranian importer of escalator parts and elevator components

While being a manufacturer, Behran plays a leading role in importing escalator parts and elevator components to meet the needs in Iran’s Market. To meet the agenda, Behran, for the past three decades, has developed its ties and connections with a number of influential leaders of the world of elevator and escalator including ZIEHL-ABEGG SE (Germany), Alberto Sassi Spa (Italy), Alberto Sassi Espana SL (Spain), Henning GmbH & Co. KG Schwelm (Germany), P.F.B. Srl (Italy), GEM-General Elevator Machines S.r.l. (Italy), Wittur (Turkey), Nergiz Kablo (Turkey), Dätwyler (China), Gustav Wolf GmbH (Germany), Xizi Elevator Group Co., Ltd. (China,) Metroplast Asansör (Turkey), and still many more.