Overspeed Governor, Deflection Pulley, Traction Sheave, Elevator Door Lock Device and other products

Overspeed Governor, Deflection Pulley, Traction Sheave, Elevator Door Lock Device, and still many other products

Behran Overspeed Governor

The uni-directional as well as bi-directional overspeed governors at speeds of 1 and 1/6 are among the most important products of Behran.
Behran Asanbar Overspeed Governors are produced under the certification of the national standard of Iran as well as the European CE.
The most important features of Behran Governor:

  • Availability of quality microswitches in the product;
  • Conducting quality tests with a proper use of PLC and high accurate encoders;
  • Being available in sizes including 25 and 30 cm diameters;
  • Enjoying the logo of national standard of Iran;
  • Availability of extra groove for the testing process;
  • Uni-directional and Bi-directional;
  • Long life;
  • High sensitivity in performance.
گاورنر بهران گروه صنعتی آسانسور و پله برقی بهران
فلکه کششی پایین گروه صنعتی آسانسور و پله برقی بهران

Tension Pulley

The tension pulley prevents the wire ropes from being loose so that the overspeed governor can properly control the elevator speed and prevent it from the collapse in case of any problem with the the safety gear.

Deflection Pulley

Behran Asanbar has the most up-to-date production line in the Middle East for the deflection pulley.
The deflection pulleys are made of special alloy and have high strength and load bearing capacity.
Behran’s deflection pulleys, which have also the capability of being customized all based on customers’ need, are produced and supplied in different standard dimensions of 32 to 52 cm with 4 to 8 grooves.
In order to increase the longevity as well as the efficiency of the product, Behran normally uses two deep groove bearings in its deflection pulleys. The number of bearings can be added on to 3 bearing with the same said type.

فلکه هرزگرد گروه صنعتی آسانسور و پله برقی بهران


Behran brackets, which are specially used for hot (B) and cold (A) rolling guide rails, are available in different types, including small and big brackets for the elevator car as well as the bracket for the elevator counterweight system. In the production of these brackets, quality raw materials have been used.
These brackets can be used in a variety of elevator shafts as the screw points on them provide the operator with more fixability for conducting variety of operations in the shaft.

براکت ریل گروه صنعتی آسانسور و پله برقی بهران


Behran Asanbar counterweights are made of cast iron and metal (lead) and are available in different sizes and molds including 57 * 10, 67 * 10, 77 * 10.

وزنه تعادل گروه صنعتی آسانسور و پله برقی بهران
قفل درب آسانسور گروه صنعتی آسانسور و پله برقی بهران

Behran Elevator Door Lock

Door locks play an important role in elevator safety.
The lack of quality elevator door locks in the Iranian market prompted Behran to manufacture products that offer guaranteed safety to users.
Behran BL-508X lock, which is produced for swing doors, has the standard mark of Iran as well as the European CE.
To obtain a standard lock certificate, as the standard rules says, elevator locks must be able to operate successfully during a 1000 constant opening and closing operation.
The lock devices manufactured in Behran has the ability to pass 1 million operations of the type, which is much higher than the volume announced by the standard rules.

Gearbox Motor Base

To prevent the vibration caused by the elevator motor drive transmits into the elevator car; and furthermore, to refrain from doing any welding operation on the body of the elevator gearbox motor drive, the drive is placed on a steel structure called the gearbox motor base.

پایه موتورگیربکس بهران آسانبر


Behran Asnbar gearless motor bases are produced in the form of double laser steel sheets with anti-vibration elastomers.

پایه موتورگیرلس زیلابگ
تراول کابل بهران گروه صنعتی آسانسور و پله برقی بهران

Behran Travelling Cable

Features of Behran travelling cable:
• Produced with high quality PVC coating;
• 24 x 0.75 / Copper;
• Highly flexible;
• Reasonable longevity;
• Proper for different environmental conditions;
• Moisture and dust resistant;
• Usable in traction elevators (in different capacities and speeds);
• Proper for MRL elevator projects (gear and gearless);
• Proper to be used with Iranian-made and foreign-made control panelsystems;
• Fully matched with EN81.

Polyurethane Buffer

This type of elevator buffer is used to prevent the elevator car from a hard hit to the shaft floor during a normal or emergency operation.
These buffers are made of first-class raw materials.
They are suitable for elevators with a capacity of 8 persons.
The maximum weight that these buffers can withstand is 1500 kg and their speed is 1.6 meters per second.

ضربه گیر گروه صنعتی آسانسور و پله بر قی بهران

Guide Rail Lubricator Tank

In order to let the elevator car move smoothly on the guide rails, Guide Rail Lubricator Tanks are used in the elevator system to provide the guide rails with a continuous lubrication process.
Behran uses plastic injection machineries for the production of the Guide Rail Lubricator Tanks which are made of quality raw materials.

روغندان ریل بهران آسانبر

Behran Combined Bracket

In this model, two brackets are placed on top of each other with a special arrangement so that one bracket is in direct touch with the iron structure of the elevator shaft and the next bracket fixes on the former bracket.

Among the benefits of combined brackets produced by Behran:

  • Eliminate welding operations on the rail bracket
  • Can be easily replaced in case of problems
  • Increase the accuracy of installation due to the doubleness of the bracket
  • Better rail control
  • Increase strength
براکت ترکیبی بهران آسانبر
براکت ترکیبی بهران آسانبر


The anchorages produced in Behran are of forged steel and have a very high tensile strength.
They are suitable for different sizes of wire ropes including 6-8-10-11 mm.
From the weight capacity point of view, Behran’s anchorages can withstand loads weighing 4000 to 7700 kg.

قلاب بکسل گروه صنعتی آسانسور و پله برقی بهران

Compensation Chains

Being highly flexible, Behran Compensation Chains are made of PVC coated steel chains.
The Chains have a circular cross-section so the risk of the chain to be stuck somewhere in the shaft is totally eliminated.

زنجیر جبران گروه صنعتی آسانسور و پله برقی بهران