Tensile test machine for escalators and elevators

 Tensile test machine for escalators and elevators

Do you have any information about the laboratory test machines that is considered in the famous elevators and escalators industry?

Why should testing machines be used in elevator and escalator manufacturers? Please follow this text to read more about explaining the inspection and testing devices for elevators and escalators. Then, the machines’ functions and how to test them will be explained later.

Laboratory of Behran Asanbar Elevator and Escalator Industrial Group

Behran industrial group Laboratory Elevators and escalators laboratories contain many devices to test the quality of products, which facilitates the production and distribution of high-quality products in the market.

At Behran Group, we aim to produce high-quality products. we always work to increase our equipment in the laboratory. This will improve the quality of the products by conducting various tests on our products. As a result, this will ensure the safety of our products travelers.

There are more than 20 quality testing machines in the Behran elevators and escalators factory. All of these machines are located in the test tower of Behran Group. The company’s specialist in Behran tests the products constantly by using detailed and rigorous checks for each product. Behran Group strives to produce a high-quality product.

In this section, we explain each week one of the devices in Behran laboratory in detail to learn more about the function of these devices.

The first device that will be presented today is the Tensile test machine.  

Behran Industrial group for Elevator and Escalator Tensile Strength Testing Machine

This equipment is used to perform tensile tests on parts that need tensile testing such as wire ropes, wire rope holders and chains in escalators, escalator handrails, bolts used in products, and many other items required to be checked. Pressure testing is also used on various parts, including the spring used in escalators.

The tensile testing machine in Bahran laboratory is of the tensile and compression type with a capacity of 25 tons. It is equipped with modern and advanced programs to draw various graphs and diagrams that help in the required analysis for each part or sample.

Adding a tensile testing machine to Behran laboratory plays an important role in terms of improving the quality of manufactured products. Also, it helps to meet the quality objectives of Behran Organization.

Due to the very high importance of safety in the elevator and escalator industry. The lack of tension devices in companies that produce elevator and escalator parts causes failure of the tensile test procedure and irreparable damages.

In Behran Industrial Group, the tensile testing machine and measuring standards are always controlled and adjusted on an ongoing basis by the concerned authorities to measure and monitor the required standards.

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