The CEO of Tehran subway stations visits Behran Industrial Group for elevators and escalators.

On Thursday (May 29th), Mr. Ahmad Shakeri, (CEO of Behran Group of Industrial Elevators and Escalators) hosted Eng. Masoud Dorosti, (Board Member and CEO of Tehran & Suburbs Railway Company), accompanied by Eng. Yousefi, (Consultant and Director of the Seventh Line of Tehran Subway station) and Mr. Hormazi, one of the senior managers of Tehran Subway company. A visit was made to the factory of Behran Industrial Group in the industrial city of Parand, and they inspected different parts of the factory.

In this meeting, a discussion took place regarding Behran products, the achievements of this industrial group, and the dependence on Iranian technology in the production of elevators and escalators. In addition, the motor production lines that include a gearbox, gearless motors for elevators and escalators, the elevator over speed governor, elevator doors, metal casting hall, machinery hall, Behran laboratory, elevator, and escalator test tower were visited. In addition, the Behran Group expansion plan was perceived.

The CEO of Tehran Metro Company visited the hall of production of engines and gearboxes for elevators. He mentioned during his visit that Behran Industrial Group aims to achieve the production of all parts of elevators and escalators. as an Iranian industrial company that has been able to successfully move forward in the path of using technology manufactured in Iran. In addition, in the field of research and development. The production and marketing of Behran Group has a very good performance and is worthy of appreciation.

Engineer Dorosti also added that the performance of Behran’s products in the newly established Tehran subway lines is considered to be of high quality. It is worth considering that the Tehran subway lines are one of the areas that are usually congested. The high-quality products of Behran and the services provided by Behran Company are worth appreciation.

Mr. Hormozi, one of the senior managers of the Tehran subway added on the sidelines of this visit that Behran Company ranks as a pioneer in terms of manufacturing elevators and escalators in the Islamic Republic of Iran and also tried to maintain this name. Behran Industrial Group, as a national producer in Iran, has been able to become a very broad group by making great efforts. Currently, Behran’s products are not only comparable to foreign companies in terms of quality, but also sometimes superior to them by providing higher quality products.

At the end of this visit, Eng. Yousefi, the consultant and the director of the 7th metro line in Tehran, added a final word, saying: Referring to the cooperation that took place in the past years with Behran industrial group. Behran Group activities have expanded significantly over time. The quality of Behran Industrial products in the field of escalators is worth support and appreciation.

He also added the following about the most important features of Behran products. One of the distinguishing features of Behran products is the synchronization with the latest technology in the world regarding the engineering of parts and industrial parts. The advanced technology used in Behran has improved the quality of the products that meet the latest standards in the world.

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